What we do

Together with our general partner, Knutsen NYK, we are a leading independent owner and operator of Shuttle Tankers.

The use of this asset class can be dated back to the development of the Statfjord field in the North Sea which came on stream in 1979. It was a giant with recoverable reserves that were enough to supply Norway's annual oil requirements for more than 50 years.

A special type of ship the Shuttle tanker was developed to transport thousands of tonnes of oil even in storms, with waves up to 10 metres high, as production did not stop. The Shuttle tankers "port" was a loading buoy, with the production platform as the only neighbour. Special equipment was required for the vessel to lie still.

Shuttle tankers differ visibly from other crude oil carriers, with their special bow configuration where the cargo is pumped on board. These vessels are highly manoeuvrable when trying to connect with a loading buoy in harsh weather. During loading, they must hold position while crude oil pours into their cargo tanks so that the loading hose is not pulled to pieces and the oil spilt to the sea. Transverse thrusters are fitted fore and aft.

Knutsen NYKs chairman was involved with the pioneering development of this form of oil transportation in the North Sea, and Knutsen won its first tender for two Shuttle tankers in 1984.

Since being awarded this contract, Knutsen has grown organically for over 30 years as the business has been able to build into a sizable fleet of these tankers. During these years as experience has been gained, and new requirements have been demanded by the Charterers, Knutsen has built up an unparalleled reputation for both safe and reliable operation and for the expertise it has acquired with offshore loading.